Monday, March 13, 2017

Thermador Microwave Review

Shopping for a microwave oven? Why not check out Thermador's line of microwave ovens? Just one glance and you will surely fall in love with Thermador's line of microwaves as they definitely will bring elegance and practicality to your kitchen.

For more than 70 years now, Thermador has continued to empower America's homeowners and cooking enthusiasts with their range of revolutionary products.

Thermador is one of the BSH Home Appliance Corporation sub company, which later turn into a subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH

It has premiered in many innovations - from the first ever wall ovens down to gas cook tops and speed cooking ovens that can reduce your cooking time by half! Today, the company continues to combine state-of-the art cooking innovations with classic and modern American style to provide only the best in kitchen appliances.

Thermador appliances are categorized into the Professional and Masterpiece series, and their microwave oven line is no exception.

The Professional Series microwave ovens have been designed for those who love cooking as much as quality and sophistication.

The Masterpiece microwave series are designed with chiseled and angular features, yet with the technological sophistication to give you convenience and power over your culinary tasks. Whether you choose a Professional or a Masterpiece microwave oven, you will be assured of nothing but excellent results in all your cooking needs.

Thermador's line of microwaves is categorized into two in terms of function and features: their convection and non-convection models.

Their convection microwaves fuse together the convenience of a microwave with the ultimate performance that can only expected from a convection oven. Conversely, Thermador's line of non-convection microwaves do not include convection capabilities but provides compact features ideal for everyday kitchen needs.

Features of Thermador Microwave Ovens

Here are some of the wonderful features that can be enjoyed with Thermador microwaves:

Sleek, Professional Design

With professional handles, stainless steel knobs and analog chronometer, every unit exudes nothing but excellent professional quality, timeless beauty and outstanding design.

True Convection System

The True Convection microwave system by Thermador will cook your food quickly and evenly, with a speed and quality that will surpass other convection systems you may know. This innovation allows the precise directing of heat, so your food is cooked just the way you want it.

Heavy Duty Rotisserie

With some models allowing up to 12 pounds in capacity, you can cook larger roasts and poultry for your big family or guests. It offers the ultimate rotisserie performance and cooks evenly.

Speed Convection

You can enjoy reduced cooking time for foods right from the freezer up to 30% through Thermador's Speed Convection technology.

Seven Adjustable Levels

Most Thermador microwaves are equipped with an adjustable oven rack for maximum culinary control. This also means that you can cook several food items at the same time!

Massive Capacity

Take advantage of up to 4.7 cubic feet of interior cooking space. In fact, the Professional Series by Thermador provides the largest ever cooking space in the market. You can rely on this reliable tool even during banquets and dinner parties.


Thermador's 5000-watt, 12-pass broil elements can allow you to broil even the largest of dishes with excellent results. This is the most powerful broil element in the market today.

Telescopic Rack

Enjoy safe and easy access to the food you cook with sturdy telescopic racks that smoothly glide on ball bearings and extend for your convenience.

Halogen Light

With a Thermador, you can easily monitor your culinary creations through four bright halogen lights.

Fast Self Clean

Thermador microwaves can clean its own interiors thoroughly in just as short as two hours.

With all these features, it is easy to see how the Thermador microwave can give you a more luxurious, more beautiful and more efficient culinary experience. The functionality and flexibility of their microwaves make them one of the top choices for hard core culinary enthusiasts.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tips For Going Green Around Your Home

What could not be great about saving money while saving the environment? This is exactly what going green around your home could do for you. You will have to invest in some changes, but these upgrades will pay for themselves sooner than you might think. Read on to find some of the best ways to start saving the environment and saving some money.

When you think about the appliances in your home, think about how much money you are throwing away each month if they are not Energy Star certified. Energy Star certified appliances are rated on an energy consumption chart. They will use far less electricity, gas and water to operate. Look into the refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers available for you.
When you are doing your laundry during the warm months of the year, opt for line drying your clothes. Even with an energy efficient dryer, it will save you in energy consumption each month. It may require a little more effort on your part, but having the fresh air and sunlight drying your clothes is great for your wallet and for the environment.

Solar panels and wind turbines could help you lower your usage each month. These are becoming more common on homes all over the country. Contact a professional company if you are considering having either of these installed as the placement of them will determine how effective they are in producing energy for your home.

One change you can make around your home that is not going to cost you a single cent is to unplug any unused appliances and electronics. These items are consuming electricity each minute that they are plugged into the wall. It may not seem like a lot of electricity, but if you think about the fact that they are drawing power every minute of every day, you will quickly realize that it adds up for the year.

How dated is your home’s heating and cooling system? If it is more than ten years old, you may want to consider upgrading. Technology has come a long way in recent years and the HVAC systems on the market require far less energy to heat and cool the home. You could notice a serious drop in your heating and cooling costs if  you invest in a new system for your home.

Consider insulation to go along with your new heating and cooling system. There is really no point in putting in a better heating and cooling system if you are going to lose all of your heat and cool air right out the attic and around the windows. If you are unsure if you are losing air from the home, you can hire a professional to come to your house and run a test to find any air leaks in your home. They can pinpoint exactly where the air is getting out and offer you suggestions as to how to make it air tight.

Use the tips learned here and begin making changes around your home. You will save yourself some green and save the environment as well.